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3D Stage

Stunning stage designs
visulized in 3D and
rendered with real-life
lighting effects


Background loops,
Logo stings, Animated texts & images
for all sizes and types of

Media Server

On-Site Support for
Media Servers
like Dataton Watchout and
Coolux Pandoras Box

eventsgraphics is specialized in creating graphics for events. We do 3D Stage Visualizations for any kind of shows, develop screen content and also provide graphics support on-site. 

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3D Stage visual

About Us

Over 25 years of experience in the events industry has helped 
to become an expert in creating all types of graphics for events. Right from the pitch stage till the delivery of an event we can play an important role in making your event/pitch a great success. 

We can support you with creating customized presentation templates (PowerPoint) and 3D visuals of the stage design. We are happy to be involved in the brain-storming process for designing the stage. Technical knowledge of the designers helps in coming up with a design which is technically feasible at the same time. Visuals are rendered with volume lighting with light beams to simulate real life environments. Multiple camera views are rendered for a better understanding, and  technical drawings with measurements can also be created for production, if required. 

Content creation is another strength of our team. Whether it is a standard 16:9 screen or a super-wide surface (LED or Projected) we are here to develop stunning moving graphics for it. We create customised backgrounds, Logo animation stings, Animated texts, etc. The content is encoded in liaison with the on-site video team using suitable codecs for different types of playback systems to have an easy and smooth playback of the same. We can also support your show by operating the playback. We have thorough knowledge of media servers like Dataton Watchout and Coolux Pandoras Box. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.





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